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Friday, May 4, 2012

Top tips for social media success from the ASOS Marketplace team.

Jo(ASOS), Alison (Fashion Angel) and Katie(ASOS)

Wow what an evening! Our Social Media Success talk with the ASOS Marketplace team was our biggest ever. Katie Oldham, Senior Marketplace Manager and Jo Wiggins, Marketplace Editor, were super interesting speakers.

The main focus of the discussion was how to use Social Media to drive online sales, whether selling products on your own website or on other marketplaces such as ASOS Marketplace.

Their top tips were:-

Make sure you have really cool images – you don’t need to use a professional photographer but if you are taking the pictures yourself, use natural daylight. Look at other brands pages for inspiration and to see what works.

If you are setting up a ‘boutique’ with marketplace, make the homepage look enticing. Make sure your logo is a large enough file size to be expandable and you use an image that show what you are selling.

The aren't standard image requirements for the various social media platforms  - you’ll need to have a few versions of your logo, in various sizes to fit.

Your product descriptions should contain words/phrases that are likely to be used by anyone searching for that type of product on Google - you want people to find you!

Give clear product information including accurate sizing measurements – this will help you avoid returns.

Use the blog and feed tools – the best ones will get picked up and highlighted.

Listen to customer feedback – its useful information on what you are getting right or wrong.

You’ll always get some negative comments from annoying people but resist the temptation to get shirty –  kill them with kindness!

Think of everyone as a potential customer.

Actively use Facebook to engage with your customer and promote brand awareness - competitions work well. Google+  may not seem useful yet but it will be in the future and having a presence will help with your search engine rankings

Twitter shouldn’t be just about announcing the new products that you’ve uploaded for sale – use it to start a conversation and ask questions.

If you haven’t already, set up a Pinterest account – it’s very quick and easy to use and a good way of gathering followers.

Give your customers a positive buying experience – think about the packaging – make your customers feel special – even a handwritten thank you note put in with their order will make them remember you!  This will encourage brand loyalty and recommendation to their friends.

The event was also an opportunity to promote the competition for an ASOS Marketplace seller to win six months of Fashion Angel business mentoring . For more information email info@fashion-angel.co.uk or you can download the competition application form here.

By Alison Lewy

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