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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fazane's first business mentoring session with Fashion Angel

Alison Lewy, Fazane Malik, Joseph Malik
Both myself and my business partner Joseph were excited and honoured to attend our much needed first session with Fashion Angel and ASOS Marketplace this week!

We both work full-time still and as a result have had very little time to concentrate on the business side of things….any time we do have we spend on the creative side as it’s much more fun!!

We have known for a while now that we needed help with the business side of things and actually had Fashion Angel down as ‘MUST’ to contact…….so we were super excited when we won the competition!!

Joseph & Fazane Malik
'fazane' womenswear was launched back in June 2011 with a small collection that we have now added to and re-launched for 2012 as we didn't have the time to really put enough effort in the first time round. 

Our aim is to provide 'exclusive classic womenswear with a fashion twist....pieces that will fit easily into any working woman's wardrobe but still stand out in a crowd. Our USP is that we only make 50 pieces of each style (with each one signed and numbered) so once that exclusive 50 pieces have gone....that's it!! We try and use luxury fabrics where possible but keep our prices affordable for all (retail £45-£249) .

We arrived at ASOS head-office for our first session this week and met Alison Lewy our mentor from Fashion Angel and Katie Oldham from ASOS Marketplace and had a look round the building…….we want to work there! So many stylish people and such a great atmosphere!! It was inspiring just looking at people…..and the clothes well it was like being in heaven!!  

Joseph & Fazane Malik ,Katie Oldham & Alison Lewy
We sat down with Alison for approx 3 hours and discussed our concerns about the business, things we needed to do, things Alison suggested we do etc and really looked over the current state of our business in detail.
It was so great to get an outside opinion and be given targets and actions to do before our next session......our stress levels reduced just from those few hours!!

We are really looking forward to the next session and are actually really enjoying completing our list of tasks! We would totally recommend these sessions to anyone else looking to do them.....

By Fazane Malik
Creative Director - Fazane Womenswear

For more information about how you can get help from the Fashion Angel mentors go to 

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