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Friday, March 8, 2013

5 reasons to use Vine to promote your brand

Are you using Vine yet?

This short Twitter owned video app is already being utilized by brands and consumers partly due to its simplicity and ease of use. It was used in a big way at New York and London Fashion Weeks as designers and editors alike logged in to Vine to capture and share six-second scenes from the shows.

Design houses including Burberry, Jonathan Saunders and Paul Smith used the app to bring followers behind the scenes and front of house. Matthew Williamson used Vine to showcase details up close during his show.

If you are a fashion label it’s probably time you start to think about using Vine as part of  your current social media marketing strategy.

5 reasons to use Vine to promote your brand:-

Allows you to takes short snippets of new designs, or at a fashion show/presentation
Vine takes quick snippets of video content and stitches them together to create a quick 6 second snapshot of video. You don’t need continual footage, but instead can use 3 snippets stitched together so allows you to take 3 different views of a design, rather than just one at time. It also allows the consumer to get more than just one view of a product or event.

Integrates with Twitter & Facebook
Since you can sign up through Twitter, it makes it simple to follow any of your twitter followers who are also on Vine. Also you can easily share Vine content on Twitter and Facebook once it’s been recorded.

It’s super easy
Setting up an account, shooting your first video, and sharing are as quick and easy as with Instagram, but it is also possible to share content on other platforms. There are now other Vine applications  (eg VineIt ) that are starting to be released to help find and view videos. As with third party Twitter applications, more are likely to come on stream as it gains popularity. You can also upload the videos and embed in to tumblr.

Helps you engage with your customers  
Be creative - use the quick snippets to showcase individual pieces or show the different looks that can be created, take behind the scenes videos of an event or at work in your studio or trail forthcoming new pieces. There are endless possibilities!

It’s fun
As with other visual platforms such as Instagram &  Pinterest, it’s fun to use.

As with all your other social media platforms, it should be used as part of your overall marketing strategy and basic marketing principals apply. The content you create needs to be planned, measured and reflect your brand in an appropriate way.

If you’ve started using it – let us know how you’re using it.

By Alison Lewy

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  1. I know a lot of people have been wondering about what an ultra short video can do for his business. The thing is, Vine is a tool not focused on advertising per se. It is gaining popularity for being an effective tool in engaging conversations. Some companies organize little contests through this app. They make their followers create the videos for them. And that is even better in getting attention than endless shameless promotions.


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