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Friday, August 23, 2013

6 Reasons using Google Tools can improve your Fashion Business

Most of us use Google as our default search engine, but it offers so much more, including a host of free tools that can help your fashion business.

Here are our 6 favourites:-

Google +

1.  Lets potential customers find your business faster
Using Google+ improves your SEO. Google+ is Google’s answer to Facebook and unlike  other social media channels, posts are indexed in to Google search results. This means customers are more likely to find your website through Google search.

2. Helps you target the right posts to the right people
While posts on Facebook or Twitter reach all your followers, Google+ enables you to create ‘circles’ and segment your audience in different categories. How about creating a circle for customers, and one for influencers such as bloggers?

Google Drive

3. Offers you flexibility
Have you tried Google Drive? This app allows you to access your work from any computer, smartphone or tablet. You can share documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more with others and work together online on the same file at the same time.

Google Analytics

4. Gives you insight in the way people find your website
The Multi-Channel Funnels, a tool of Google Analytics, allow you to get insight in your consumers’ online behaviour and how they make their purchase decision.
It shows you the pathway your consumers are going until they reach your website or online shop. For instance, whether they already know your brand and directly type in the URL of your website or whether they find it through a search engine.

5. Helps you find out which social media channels work best for your business
This also allows you to see how the social media channels you are using interact and which of these channels drive traffic to your site.  

6. It's free
Google Analytics is free if your website generates 10 million viewers or less every month.

How have Google Tools helped your fashion business?

By Katja Widder

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