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Monday, February 10, 2014

Interview with Sam Mcewen from Isolated Heroes

Last April designer Samantha Mcewen, founder of luxury streetwear brand Isolated Heroes, won our mentoring competition, sponsored by Asos Marketplace. The prize was an amazing six months of business mentoring with Fashion Angel, after being picked as a brand with heaps of potential.

We caught up with Samantha, to find out how the business has grown since the mentoring started.

How have you found the last six months of business mentoring?

It’s been brilliant. When you start your own business you don’t always know the ins and outs of everything you’re doing, you just start designing clothes and selling them. The mentoring has helped me to make Isolated Heroes a proper brand. I’ve learnt how to do costing sheets, manage my accounts and forecast, which has really turned the brand around.
What's the most important thing you've learnt?

Having confidence in what you’re doing, especially with costing items and figuring out how important all that is when it comes to designing things and putting them out there, is invaluable. This mentorship has helped me to look at things properly when making clothes, sourcing fabrics and pricing items for what they’re worth.
Limited Edition collection at www.isolated-heroes.com
You've recently started selling on ASOS.com - how have you found the experience?

This has definitely been the highlight of the last six months! It wouldn’t have happened without the mentoring from Fashion Angel. I sourced all of the products but Alison helped with the introduction to ASOS. The first order is live on the site now and we’re currently looking at the next buy which is great!

Find out about more on how our fashion business mentoring can help your business grow or email info@fashion-angel.co.uk for an info pack.

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