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Monday, April 13, 2015

Decoded Fashion Summit - bringing the top fashion and tech innovators to London

Anyone interested in the ever increasing cross over between fashion and technology should be heading down to the next Decoded Fashion London summit taking place on May 20 - 21. Here you’ll discover the most disruptive tech from around the world impacting fashion today, to help you supercharge your strategy with the newest ideas in e-commerce, in-store, mobile, wearables & social.

This will be the third London edition, and if anything like the past two I've attended, it'll be a fascinating insight in to the world’s top fashion and retail decision makers, technology thinkers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and influencers. You'll get the chance to hear from the industry's innovators including: Amazon Fashion EU, John Lewis, Google, TOPSHOP, Harvey Nichols and more.

Start-ups & entrepreneurs can visit the Decoded Fashion Mentorship Hub - a key element of the event. The hub gives attendees access to inspirational, world-class fashion, retail and tech mentors, and the opportunity to build relationships with central figures from across the industry.

Over the two day summit, over 150 meetings will take place, giving start-ups, entrepreneurs a the opportunity to sign up for a limited number of face-to-face meetings with various executives from across the Fashion, Retail and Tech industries.

Each mentor will offer 10-minute sessions and provide candid feedback and advice to help move your company forward. For mentees these meetings are a unique opportunity to explore your messaging, value prop and even pricing with those who truly understand your target market. For mentors, it is a chance to find new talent, new partners and ideas that could innovate the industry.

With tech developments so important to our community of fashion entrepreneurs, we're hoping to see a lots of you there!

For more information, visit Decoded Fashion  or
book tickets here

Alison Lewy

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